When Good Sites Get Swallowed



While listening to Prozzak this morning, I was reminded that I used to get my obscure Canadian music from HMV online.  Their web site rocked, it was easy to use, they had all of the Canadian stuff that you can’t get in the US (well you can, like a year after it’s released), and they were cheap.

It was great, they always did their pricing in Canadian dollars, so my order would always be several dollars less in USD.

It had been awhile since I had visited HMV’s website.  I used to get Much Music on cable/satellite and kept it on in the background all the time.  I really liked their programming (they actually played music, unlike MTV), their VJ’s, their attitude and their music.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had access to Much and so I’m not as in touch with the Canadian music scene as I used to be.

I was horrified when I went to HMV.com this morning.  It’s gone.  Do you know what’s there in it’s place?  I’ll give you one hint:

There goes one of my favorite online stores.