Jumpdrive: Source Code In My Pocket



JumpDriveI was excited earlier when I found out that I could get Win98 drivers for my new JumpDrive.  A little background: I recently picked up a 128MB version (yeah, it’s purple) at my local Micro Center last week.  It’s more fun than useful at this point, but this evening I discovered that IT WORKS PERFECTLY WITH LINUX.

Things sounded good when I read this post on Everything USB, but it really was this easy:

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/jump

This has now become about 100% more useful, as it can now travel back and forth between all of the machines that I use on a regular basis.  It is now traveling back and forth between Windows 98, 2000, XP, and Linux.  That’s pretty darn cool.

So now I’ve got source code in my pocket.


Erik asked me how I like it, and that reminded me of a few things.  First off, I bought this particular device because it was really cheap.  It was $30US after rebates, only one of which was mail-in.  I only have one complaint so far: the little clip that covers the USB port is only held on with friction, and it likes to come off.  It can connect to a keychain, but I think that the plastic and the cover wouldn’t hold up to the abuse that they would get on my keychain.

Alll in all I’m quite happy, though if it were on sale, I would suggest a more rugged version.