Day: June 17, 2003

  • PKI

    LinuxSecurity points to a CrossNodes article about PKI:

    Your company is negotiating a big deal with a partner, making you a bit nervous about the security of exchanging documents via email. There is a non-disclosure agreement in place, but you’d like to be absolutely certain that only the recipients can see the plans for your company’s new product initiative. When the partner emails their agreement to the final version of the proposed deal, you also want to be able to prove absolutely that the email really is from them. Is there a proven technology that can fulfill both needs?

  • The Stairway to Maven

    Via Kevin Dangoor, The Stairway to Maven [pdf] gives a good powerpoint-style overiew of Maven.

  • MySQL: 4GB+ Tables

    Zawody on really big MySQL tables:

    When this happens, the first reaction I hear is “You never told me that MySQL has a 4GB limit! What am I going to do?” Amusingly, I usually do describe the limit when I discuss the possibility of using MySQL with various groups–they often forget or underestimate the impact it will have. Putting that aside, the problem is easily fixed, as that page explains. You simply need to run an ALTER TABLE command.

  • Speex-based VoIP

    Kenneth Hunt points to Teamspeak:

    15 minutes to deploy an anonymous server on my local lan and connect two windows boxes to the Debian server. Speex codec sounds decent from Plantronics headsets, definitely one to watch! Didn’t get time to dig into adminning the Teamspeak server, but it looks incredibly robust right now. If you’re interested in voip and oss codecs like speex it’s worth a closer look. Check back here for a link to the test server!

    This is great.  The Speex codec is quite good for compressing voice to itty bitty.

  • Linksys Pulls Signal Booster

    Wi-Fi Networking News:

    SmallNetBuilder gets the story on Linksys pulling the WSB24 signal booster: Pretty simple: the unit is legal to work with just a couple of Linksys devices, and people are using it in other ways too easily. The FCC wants connectors to be hard to use by anyone but the manufacturer.

    The hardcore geeks will always do it, I guess they’re trying to get at the casual Wi-Fi performance enthusiast…

  • Bluetooth 1.2 Spec Released

    Wi-Fi Networking News:

    Bluetooth gets revised: The new versions has some small and large improvements, including incorporating the co-existence recommendations for adaptive frequency hopping so that Bluetooth and other standards like Wi-Fi can play nicely together.

  • Linus Leaves Transmeta

    The Register [via Dave]:

    Linus Torvalds, creator and chief maintainer of the Linux kernel is moving on, ending a six year association with chip company Transmeta.

    “I’ve decided to take a leave-of-absense after 6+ years at Transmeta to actually work full-time on the kernel,” he wrote in a posting to the kernel mailing list.

    Looks like he’s picking up a gig at the Open Source Development Lab.

  • WebCalendar

    Thanks to Erik for the pointer, I just installed WebCalendar on a server and I’m loving it.  Installation instructions are a little hard to find, but I read them here in CVS.