Rough Roundup



The computer I’m on is having issues, so consider this a rough roundup:

  • OSNews: A Be, Inc. engineer comments on YellowTAB‘s Zeta.
  • Patrick bought a bunch of books at the Border’s in Falls Church.
  • MacRumors reports that Apple might broadcast the WWDC keynote in their stores.  I might have to schedule some time off for that one.
  • Dan Gillmor reports in from Helsinki.
  • Clemens has released his crazy stuff SDK.
  • Kottke is now posting his remaindered links.  This reminds me of the #mobitopia IRC links.  I’m contemplating setting up a linkbot that allows me to log links via Jabber, SOAP, XML-RPC or the like.  In my copious spare time, of course.
  • PocketPC Minds on software development for PDAs.