Day: June 14, 2003

  • New Nikon Lens Mount Coming?

    Here’s a rumor that was passed on to me by my friend Tony Brown, from Imaging Resource:

    Is Nikon developing a larger lens mount to accommodate full-frame CCDs? One of Germany’s biggest photo magazines seems to think so.

    This has the potential to be both bad and good for consumers.  If true, it would mean that lower cost full-CCD cameras might be in the works.  It would be bad because you wouldn’t be able to use the same lens on both platforms.

    Time will tell if this is just a random rumor or if there is truth behind it.

  • Croydon’s Theorem

    Since I don’t have a grasp of MathML, you’ll have to pretend that you’re reading this from a Calculus textbook:

    As horsepower approaches infinity, life expectancy approaches the present.

    This theorem is brought to you by the Mitubishi Lancer Evolution.