Day: June 10, 2003

  • Magnetic RAM in 2005?


    IBM and Infineon Technologies AG said Tuesday that they have reached a key milestone on the way to commercializing magnetic RAM as early as 2005.

    At the VLSI Symposia taking plane in Japan this week, IBM and Infirnon said they will announce that the two companies have jointly fabricated a 128-Kbit Magnetic RAM (MRAM) core on a 0.18-micron process, the most aggressive use of lithography to date to fabricate an MRAM.

  • Java Java Java

    Russ got the #mobitopia IRC Links page up and running.  So far today, my favorite links are:

  • New OpenMOSIX Release

    Newsforge notes that OpenMOSIX 2.4.20-3 is out.

  • Tiny, Expensive, Sony Digital Camera


    Sony Japan announces (raw translation) the Qualia 016 (Q016-WE1) small digital camera.

    It’s a cute little camera, but can it really cost 380,000 yen?  That’s like three grand US.  Quite silly for a 2 megapixel camera, no matter how tiny it is.  It still has to be larger than a piece of Memory Stick Duo.

  • Red Hat on Toshiba 2545CDS

    I just wanted to let everyone know (this is mostly for the googlers in the house) that Red Hat 9 installs just fine on a Toshiba Satellite 2545CDS.  It’s a 333MHz K6-2 processor, so don’t expect it to be fast or responsive, but it works.  I’m having PCMCIA IRQ issues (I haven’t been able to make any of my PCMCIA cards work yet), but hopefully I’ll get the resolved.  If not I might try Gentoo or NetBSD.

    The IRQ issues could also be hardware related.  We shall see.  At bootup, it was kind enough to tell me that I should really try passing pci=biosirq to the kernel.  Tried it, no luck so far.

    Next step is to get some flavour of Linux back on my friend Adam’s IBM thinkpad.

  • Time for Bed




  • Profound Words from Joi Ito


    If only the guy in Memento had a blog…

  • CoreCrib Shipping Halted by Lawyers

    Core News notes a sad thing:

    We will be stopping all orders until we can get this straight.

    An official webpage will be setup explaining the details shortly. Until then, those who have ordered will be getting a computer abit slowly as the missing parts will be coming from what different places have in stock etc.

    Please allow us some extra time.

    I’d be really bummed if this great thing is squashed by lawyers.

  • RMS Coming to GWU

    LWN notes that Richard Stallman will be speaking at George Washington University on June 12.  I’ll try to get out of work and check it out:

    When: Thursday June 12, 6:10pm
    Where: Phillips Hall, Rm 415
    The George Washington University
    801 22nd Street
    Washington, DC