Day: June 3, 2003

  • Fire at Rackshack

    From the Netcraft blog:

    Rackshack had a large transformer explode and start a fire today. Amazingly, given the pictures of the firethey seem to have prevented it from affecting their network performance which, at least for rackshack’s own site, is no different from any other day.

  • Take Your Storage Network Back in Time

    Jeff Darcy the Canned Platypus:

    My employer finally came out of stealth mode yesterday, so I can finally talk a little bit about what we do. What we provide is an “appliance” that plugs into a storage network in front of your old disk array, and gives you the ability to turn back the clock on your storage to any arbitrary point in the past. This differs from the snapshot products everyone already has, because it doesn’t require that you had the foresight to do a snapshot just before your database went nuts and messed up all of your data. You can always restore to just one minute before, without needing an omniscient snapshot strategy. Furthermore, restoration is instant. Sure, we’re still doing stuff behind the scenes for a while but, as far as anyone in front of us is concerned, every block on that volume just went back in time. Lastly, we store all that old data in a way that’s very space-efficient. We’ve worked with some Big Brains on how best to do this, and the result is a huge improvement over snapshot or backup non-solutions that require anywhere from 2x to 6x your original dataset size to get even less functionality.

    That’s some mind boggling stuff.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  Good luck.

  • #mobitopia

    Things are hopping in #mobitopia this afternoon.

  • Checking Out Haystack

    I managed to get Haystack installed and running last night on a WinXP machine.  It seemed like the first time I ran haystack.exe it installed and initialized a bunch of stuff then went away.  I gave it some time, clicked haystack.exe again, and after a few minutes (I think) it started up.

    I’ll write more about Haystack as soon as I can poke around a bit.

  • Reclaim the Public Domain


    We have launched a petition to build support for the Public Domain Enhancement Act. That act would require American copyright holders to pay $1 fifty years after a work was published. If they pay the $1, the copyright continues. If they don’t, the work passes into the public domain. Historical estimates would suggest 98% of works would pass into the pubilc domain after 50 years. The Act would do a great deal to reclaim a public domain.

    You can find me at number 107.

  • Non-revolutionary Konica Digital Camera

    DPReview has the inside track as always on the Konica KD-510Z.  As far as I can tell, the difference is that it’s silver.  I have a KD-500Z in front of me, let’s do a little spec rundown:

    Konica KD-500Z Konica KD-510Z
    5 megapixel 5 megapixel
    3x optical zoom 3x optical zoom
    SD/MMC/Memory Stick SD/MMC/Memory Stick
    Black Silver

    There’s also a specs page for the KD-500Z.  Here’s what DPReview has to say:

    After all that the KD-510Z seems to be a fairly unremarkable five megapixel three times optical zoom digital camera virtually identical to the black bodied KD-500Z they announced at Photokina last year.

    Yep.  Shh, don’t tell.  It’s about 99% the same camera.  In silver.

    Don’t hype it if you don’t have it.

  • Amazon Music Store?

    The Register has a report that Amazon is thinking about licensing Apple’s Music Store technology.  That’d be quite amusing since Apple licenses Amazon’s 1-Click technology.

    We shall see.