Day: May 27, 2003

  • Falling Prices


    AMD lowered the prices of its desktop and mobile Athlon XP processors as much as 35 percent Monday, while Intel cut the cost of its desktop Celeron chips up to 18 percent Sunday night.

  • An Amazon Moment

    Yesterday I pointed my browser to Amazon to look for something.  On the page that popped up, above the fold, was a note about a Gap sale (t-shirts and shorts 25% off).  It featured a particular orange t-shirt that I happened to have purchased in the store the day before.

    Amazon, you’re too good!

  • Eclipse 3.0 Release Plan


    Eclipse has released a plan for version 3.0, skipping on from its 2.2 branch. Version 3.0 requires J2SE 1.4, and is breaking some compatibility with its 2.x counterpart. The Eclipse consortium also elected a new supporting member, INNOOPRACT, a German company that creates Eclipse plugins.

    The full details are on the Eclipse site.

  • Nextgen P2P Going Mainstream?

    CNet lets the cat out of the bag:

    Going by names like eDonkey and BitTorrent, many of the latest generation of file-swapping tools have been designed specifically to increase the efficiency and speed of transfer for large files such as movie files. Some of these tools have been in development for several years, but are just now reaching the critical mass needed to make a dent in the file-trading world.

    Let’s hope the script kiddies and kazaa-heads aren’t paying any attention.  The geeks have a good thing going here.

  • Spotme for Free?

    Couldn’t the spotme thing be done with commodity hardware (like bluetooth/802.11b PDAs or cel phones) and open source software?  I’m sure it could be.  The idea is great, but man does that look expensive.

  • BitTorrent

    Nelson on BitTorrent:

    BitTorrent is pregnant hackerware – it works great but is still poorly documented. And the apps aren’t well integrated. Someone could build a killer tech company out of it. Some extra info is available in Brian’s BitTorrent FAQ and the BitTorrent Wiki.

  • Totally Connected

    Joi “Evil” Ito:

    Got my Technorati bot done this morning. It checks technorati through the xml api every 10 minutes for my cosmos. If there is a new inbound link to my blog, it sends me an email and a jabber chat message with the details. Used by Mark Piligrim and jabberpy0.4-0. Now I can make jabber bots. Beware beware. 😉