Day: May 23, 2003

  • Mono 1.0 in Q4?


    Project Mono, an effort to create an open source version of the Microsoft Corp. .Net Framework, expects to release version 1.0 of its software this year, probably in the fourth quarter.

  • Starbucks: Cheese!

    At Lessig‘s suggestion, I’ll try to snap a photo at Starbucks this weekend.

    You should too.

  • Groove DevZone

    John Burkhardt:

    Check out the new Groove DevZone, complete with rss feed.

  • Buttons!

    V. Satheesh Babu:

    Kalsey’s button maker interface for Bill Zeller’s brilliant button maker application is pretty sweet. Here’s my button!

    Cool button love.

  • F#

    Also a link from Slashdot today, ExtremeTech takes a look at F#, a new .NET language that draws from OCaml and C# (which in turn has roots in Java, C++, etc).

    When Microsoft runs out of letters to put # next to, will we start seeing languages like Bb (B flat)?  🙂

  • 802.11g Set to Fizzle?

    Slashdot has a pointer to a Computerworld article noting that the new supposedly final standard has a much lower throughput than the 54 megabits that current hardware runs.  Here’s CowboyNeal:

    It’s been moved from 54Mbps all the way down to 10-20Mbps, more than just a slight change.

    It’s going to be a tough sell to get customers to update their 54g firmware if it is going to reduce their throughput that significantly.

  • Nikon Rumblings: D2 and D2x

    The Nikon D100 is moving from professional digital dealers only to NAS/NCP digital dealers.  What does this mean?  It means that more stores will be able to sell the D100.  Another major thing is that the D2 and D2x are in the pipeline, though I don’t know exactly where, and should be officially announced in the near future.

    No ETA on delivery.

  • I’ll Have a Slashdot

    While at a bar last night, the thought came to my mind that there really needs to be a drink called the Slashdot.  I don’t know what it would contain, but the ingredients would have to be geeky.

    Someone I was with took it to the next level: “Helper monkey: Slashdot me.”