Day: May 18, 2003

  • Sunday Afternoon News

    • Rael has released Blosxom 2.0 RC3.
    • Chris Brumme has an amazing theoretical entry about various memory models.
    • BBC News: “For instance, looking up “monkey” and “tennis” on Google produces 109,000 hits. By contrast, searching for “monkey tennis” as a phrase returns only 2,200.”
    • I downloaded a Mozilla Phoenix nightly build a week or two ago and it hasn’t crashed on me yet.  I’ll snag the 0.6 release at my earliest convenience.
    • Minicom 2.1, a bugfix release is out.  I used Minicom a ton back in the day (Slackware, Pentium 60, no X), so I’ve got a bit of nostalgia built up for it.