Day: May 12, 2003

  • xmltramp

    Aaron Swartz:

    In trying to write some code to use the new Technorati API, I noticed that all the tools for accessing XML documents sucked. So I wrote my own: xmltramp.

    Well suck is a harsh word.  Counterintuitive, perhaps.  Tons of work to get at a simple XML document, yes.  Aarons approach sees to make sense to me.

  • A CleverCactus First


    Now I can not only post to my weblog from within cactus, but I can also repost an email to a weblog entry (after editing of course) and, even better, I can use an RSS feed item as the source. So commenting to other posts on my own weblog is now really, really easy.


  • Technorati

    Sifry released the Technorati API 0.9, a RESTful interface to gobs of Technorati data.

    Phillip Pearson already has a wrapper out for Python.

  • Blojsim 0.9 Released

    I just wanted to float some props to David Czarnecki and Mark Lussier.  I posted about the lack of installation instructions for Blojsim both on my blog and at Sourceforge and recieved an email from David just a day or two later and this weekend Mark released Blojsim 0.9.  The new version now includes juicy installation instructions.

    It always brings a smile to my face when I get a quick response in regards to an open source project.

    As soon as I get a chance, I’ll try installing and playing with Blojsim 0.9.  Thanks to David, Mark, and all the other open source people like them in the universe.