Day: May 10, 2003

  • Eclipse+Mono

    Big Mono news:

    Today Zoltan Varga announced that he got the Eclipse IDE running on top of Mono+IKVM. A screenshot of Eclipse running with Mono can be found here

  • Integrated P2P

    Via freshmeat, KMLDonkey:

    KMLDonkey is a project that aims to fully integrate the mldonkey P2P software into the KDE desktop.

  • Snooze

    I need to find the snooze button on the kittens.  🙂

  • Generic News Roundup

    • Roller is out.
    • Rick: “Just for S&G’s I hacked Sam’s script and wrote a 2 paned aggregator.”
    • Russ: “BlogPlanet is a new Java-based moblogging app that came out a week or so ago… What a kick ass little MIDlet!”  It looks quite slick.
    • Dave Winer: “One of the things we talked about at dinner last night was the stupidity of forking RSS among the little guys.”
    • Sam Ruby: “I can make sure that the RSS validator checks for compliance.”
    • Colin Fahey [via Slashdot]: “But, OH NO!  I actually answered two questions correctly on the test!!”  He’s got tons of other geeky stuff at his website.
    • PC World: “Microsoft later this year will offer new pricing for its Xbox Live online gaming service, raising the price of its “starter pack” by $20 and offering a new monthly subscription option for $5.99, the company announced Thursday.”
    • CNet: Sun Microsystems and Oracle plan to attend the first meeting to discuss a proposed Web services standard, despite their support of a rival specification.”  They’re talking about BPEL: Business Process Execution Language.
    • Dave Winer: “HP: Semantic Blogging. PDF.”  The demo blog feels a lot like blosxom/blojsom etc.  I don’t know what to make of it either.