Day: May 8, 2003

  • Homie

    That’s my Homie.  They’re awesome little palstic thugs that you can buy in gumball machines.  I took his picture with a Canon Powershot G2.  Did I mention that feedster now does images?

  • Rendezvous Under Linux

    rendezvousVia NewsForge, Rob Flickenger at O’Reillynet has a great weblog entry/article about using Rendezvous under Linux:

    This is one reason why I love multicast DNS service advertisements (and Rendezvous, in particular). My Linux Jukebox and Wiki are now announcing themselves like an old-time barker at the county fair. Wireless users at the cafe across the street (or anywhere within a block or so) can find my local services any time just by looking at available rendezvous sites. As if that weren’t enough, my streamer is even advertising itself as a DAAP stream, so iTunes 4 users can see that it’s available from inside iTunes itself.

    Here’s how he did it:

    First, get a multicast DNS advertiser. I found Apple’s own Posix implementation to be more than adequate. (You can download it after a free registration on Apple’s site.) The application you’re after is mDNSProxyResponderPosix, in the mDNSPosix/ directory. It built cleanly and without so much as a warning under Linux 2.4.20. Once it’s built, install it somewhere handy (like /usr/local/bin, for example.) There are a couple of other multicast DNS projects floating around (like mdnsd), but Apple’s example code seemed to work easiest out of any of the responders I tried.

    This is excellent, and it looks like Rob is using this power for good and not evil.  Next time I’m in seattle I’ll try to hunt down his Seattle Wireless node.

  • Flexible Displays

    Scientific American:

    Flexible DisplayA report published today in the journal Nature moves scientists one step closer to electronic newspapers and wearable computer screens. It describes a flexible electronic ink display just three times the width of a human hair that can be viewed from almost any angle.