Day: May 7, 2003

  • Atari is Dead: Name Resurrected

    The Register:

    Infogrames is to change its name to Atari when NASDAQ opens for trading tomorrow. It will trade as ATAR.

    Sadly the Infogrames/Atari target market has probably never played on an oldschool Atari.

  • iWindows

    Wired News:

    Granted, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Gates doesn’t have quite the crazed charisma of Apple’s CEO Jobs. But the new prototype computer Gates was fondling in front of hundreds of hardware developers on Tuesday looked so much like a Mac that it was impossible not to draw comparisons between the two men and their machines.

    Great looking stuff.  Palladium is now known as NGSCB: Next Generation Secure Computing base.

  • VB Go Down the Hole?


    Market researcher Evans Data on Tuesday said 52 percent of software developers surveyed use Visual Basic today, but 43 percent of them plan to move to other languages, including Java and C#, a Java-like language developed by Microsoft.

    There used to be a huge learning curve difference between Visual C++ and Visual Basic.  Now it’s just about as easy to learn C# as it is to learn VB.NET.  VB.NET has become more complex and C# is much easier than C++ (at least at first glance).

  • Mono 0.24 Released!

    From the Mono homepage:

    We have released Mono 0.24 which includes our new code generation engine. A list of the new features is available here.

    Packages for Windows, and various Linux distributions are available on our download page. We are shipping Gtk# and MonoDoc packages for the first time.