Day: May 6, 2003

  • Coderally

    IBM Alphaworks:

    CodeRally is a Java-based, real-time programming game based on the Eclipse platform. It uses the Eclipse platform and a very simple API that allows users unfamiliar with Java to easily compete while they learn the Java language.

    Cool.  Think of it as a user friendly RARS, in Java, using Eclipse.

  • Paper Savings Bonds to be Phased Out

    The Washington Post:

    U.S. savings bonds, a time-honored gift for children, will be available for sale in paper certificate form for only a few more years, the Treasury Department announced yesterday.

    The thought of a savings bond existing only inside a government database scares me a little bit.  Sure, with online banking and such a lot of our money is stored in databases, but this is different.  This is a US Savings Bond.  It’s the thing that you buy when you don’t really care about making the most from your money, you just want security.  You want to clutch the paper in your hand.  The last thing you want to do (or would be willing to do) is order it from a website.  How willing would a grandparent be to hop online to buy a savings bond for their grandchild?

    Progress, baby!

  • Blojsom/Blojsim

    I installed Blojsom this evening in hopes of trying out Blojsim, which enables blogging from AIM/Jabber.  (Of course, it’s the jabber part that I’m psyched about).  The problem that I’m encountering is that there are no installation instructions (that I can find).  I’m sure that it’s obvious to someone who is familiar with the blojsom codebase, but I’m just a stupid end user here.  I’ve submitted a feature request on the sourceforge site.  Hopefully someone will write up some quick installation instructions.

    I was amazed at the Blojsom installation.  It “just worked” and was as simple as a blosxom installation (assuming Tomcat or similar is already purring along)