Day: May 1, 2003

  • Web Services on the Edge


    Akamai and IBM plan unveil a service Thursday that they say will speed delivery of Web-based business applications.


    By creating copies of a company’s Web-based applications that are closer to customers or partners, businesses can improve the performance of these applications.

    Woohoo!  Distributed web services.  Be 110% buzzword compliant.

  • Little Acura

    I saw an Acura TSX on the road this afternoon.  My first impression was “overpriced Civic.”  Turns out that it’s built on the Accord platform.  It’s tiny though.

    After checking out the Acura TSX website, the 200 horsepower inline 4, available 6-speed manual tranny, and 17 inch rims almost justify the $28,000 pricetag.  Almost.

    For the record, you can get a Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V with a 175 horse I4 for $10,000 less.  A Jetta GLI with a 200 horse V6 is about $5,000 less.


    Jon Hadley has set up, a site dedicated to moblogging software, hardware, news, links, and all things moblog.  Jon also has a weblog/moblog.

    The content at is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license, with an RSS 0.91 feed here.

    Mobloggers and moblog enthusiasts should check the site out.

  • Tomact 4 Clustering


    I just think it’s totally cool that Tomcat 4 Clustering (which is backported from Tomcat 5) uses IP multicast to share session info across multiple servers in a cluster. I think that approach is totally ingenious.

  • Hope For Professional JSP 2.0

    Dave Johnson:

    Wiley has purchased 35 or so of the WROX titles and APress has purchased the rest. So there is still some small hope that Apress will help Professional JSP 2.0 to see the light of day.

  • OpenBSD 3.3 Released

    I forgot to mention it last night, but OpenBSD Journal announced the release of OpenBSD 3.3.  Of course I promtply downloaded the 3.3 release song: Puff the Barbarian (lyrics here).

    My alltime favorite OpenBSD release song has still got to be the 3.0 song: E-Railed (OpenBSD Mix).

  • Bethlehem Steel: An Obituary


    Bethlehem Steel Corp., the mighty company that made the skeleton of Rockefeller Plaza, beams for the Golden Gate Bridge and armor plate for countless warships, faded into history Wednesday with the stroke of a pen.

    The bankrupt steelmaker’s executives and lawyers began signing paperwork transferring ownership of the company’s mills to International Steel Group, a new steel company based in Cleveland.

    It was a quiet end for an American industrial icon once considered indestructible.

    Having spent some time in both Bethlehem, PA and Youngstown, OH while growing up, news like this saddens me.  Of course, the people who loose most from this are the former workers.

  • Replacing Weak Security in WiFi

    Via Lockergnome, PCWorld notes that WPA will replace the weak WEP for WiFi encryption:

    WPA is a subset of the IEEE’s more complete 802.11i security standard, which remains some 15 months away from certification and may require changes in hardware. The Wireless Ethernet Alliance decided to support WPA with a certification program partly because its members did not want to wait so long for a fix to vulnerabilities in Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), the existing Wi-Fi security algorithm. Also, members wanted a security upgrade that a software upgrade could in most cases provide.

    It looks like this is a decent compromise until 802.11i gets rolled out.  Good to know though.