Day: April 30, 2003

  • JEP-0072: SOAP Over Jabber

    I didn’t catch this when it was released back in Feb, but JEP-0072, currently labeled ‘experimental’ outlines how to send SOAP messages over Jabber.  Jabber::RPC, an XML-RPC over Jabber module for Perl has been around for some time.

    Yet another thing to keep an eye on.

  • Radio Userland KickStart

    Cool, Rogers Cadenhead is working on a Radio book:

    Now that the book has been announced by the publisher, I can finally start talking about what I’ve been working on lately: Radio UserLand Kick Start will be published this summer by Sams Publishing.

  • Union Break

    There’s a first.  My main XP box decided to reboot as soon as I hit the ‘post’ button.


  • Loud

    Mikel Maron:

    Timo Maas, you are almost forgiven for destroying my hearing last weekend, with the hardest set I’ve heard in San Francisco.

    Wow.  That’s excellent.  After picking up Loud, I’ve wanted to see him live.