Day: April 28, 2003

  • Applied XML DevCon

    Chris Sells is at it again, this time with The Applied XML DevCon, tentatively scheduled for July 10-11 somewhere near Portland.


    It looks like Chris will be keepin’ it real, even after taking the red pill:

    BTW, just because I’m a Microsoft employee now, doesn’t mean that I plan on taking away what’s great about the DevCon, including cross-industry and cross-platform coverage. The only thing that’s different it’s that I’ve found a sponsor willing to pick up more of the cost (like my pay for the rest of the year : ). What that means is that I hope to keep costs at or below their traditional DevCon levels while adding some things we’ve never had before, like wireless access during the sessions to drive your blog readers mad w/ envy.

  • Terabyte Linux Server Under Eight Grand

    Via NewsForge, ServerWatch took a look at the $7,389 Pogo Linux StorageWare 3800:

    The Pogo Linux StorageWare 3800 has the usual basics: a dual processor Xeon Super Micro X5DP8-GL motherboard with up to eight GB of RAM, a 40G boot disk, Red Hat Linux 8.0, two built-in 10/100 Ethernet connections, and dual power supplies in a 3u chassis. But it also has something unusual — in addition to the boot drive, the 3800 has eight 203.9G ATA hard drives attached to a 3Ware RAID controller in a RAID5 configuration, with a formatted capacity of a little over 1.2 terabytes (1.4 TB raw).

  • Apple Roundup

    Gizmodo notes that Apple’s new iPods are thinner but not come in 15 and 30GB models.

    MacCentral also reports on the release of iTurnes 4 and Quicktime 6.2.

    The Apple Music Store is now open.

  • What’s a Weblog?

    Scoble had a laugh out loud exit interview.