Day: April 26, 2003

  • Loosly Coupled

    I ordered up Doug Kaye’s new book from NerdBooks this afternoon.  I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

  • Userland Trackback

    Dave Winer:

    In progress: Trackback in the UserLand Environment.

    Thank you!  It looks like an implementation for Manila will ship first, with Radio support coming later.

  • Python 2.3b1

    Guido on Sourceforge:

    Python 2.3b1 was released today (April 25th). Download it from Final release expected in two months!

    Perhaps now would be the time to start playing.

  • Only Slightly Less Confusing


    An interview with an anonymous Mozilla developer put forward the idea that the names “Firebird” and “Thunderbird” were for internal use only. This has since been verified by Mozilla developer Christopher Blizzard. The Mozilla Application Suite will continue to be known as “Seamonkey” internally. The new Web browser and e-mail client will be known as “Mozilla Firebird” and “Mozilla Thunderbird” respectively until the 1.4 release, after which they will become “Mozilla Browser” and “Mozilla Mail”.

    The interview is worth reading.  It seems to show that there is even a little confusion in the Mozilla development community.  It looks like things are on track to become less confusing in the long run, but I don’t quite buy the excuse of “it’s just an intermal project name.”