Day: April 25, 2003

  • QOTD: Judicial Style

    Overheard outside a courtroom:

    “He couldn’t outrun the helicopter.”

  • Spaces Beta Released

    Diego pushed out the beta of Spaces today, now under the company name of clevercactus.  Congrats, Diego.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to fiddle around with Spaces, but my early early alpha experience was quite enjoyable.

  • Sharp Zaurus C700

    Sharp Zaurus C700Gizmodo:

    In-depth look at the Zaurus C700, Sharp’s new Linux-based PDA, which with its 640×480 screen that swivels around to reveal a tiny keyboard, looks a little like a mini-laptop. Sadly, these still haven’t been introduced into the American market, but there are a few places that will import them from Japan.