Firebird (the Database) on Firebird (the Browser)



Slashdot doesn’t get it.  It’s not that this is news or anything.  They linked to an interview with Firebird (database) project admin Ann Harrison.  CmdrTaco‘s interpretation:

As always, a small group of users are being real asses about the whole thing. Yay.

Yeah.  They’re pissed off.  They just got their name hijacked by the Mozilla project.  They’ve got name recognition.  If you had asked me what Firebird is three months ago, I would have told you that it was an open source database derived from Borland’s Interbase.

At this point I’d be more likely to sigh loudly and walk away.

Disclaimer: Slashdot has rocked my world over the years.  They’re not perfect; I realize this.  I used to get all of my tech/geek news from Slashdot.  Nowadays I usually read it firsthand or secondhand (from blog linkage) before it is slashdotted.  I also use and love Mozilla and Phoenix.  I just wish that they had done a little bit of reasearch and seen this prominent open source project with the name Firebird before choosing the name.