Day: April 19, 2003

  • Mobility

    Larry O’Brien:

    Honestly, in my Big List of Programming Projects, I no longer automatically move mobile applications to the bottom of the list — .NET CF makes them absolutely approachable. I’m convinced the next five years in software will be all about mobility: handhelds, phones, and Tablets.

  • Coil (MVC for Python) 0.3 Released

    Coil, via freshmeat:

    Coil is an MVC framework for Python. It is based largely on the ideas and design of Struts and allows you to cleanly separate models, views, and controllers via an XML configuration file. A very basic login example that demonstrates the basic work flow is included.

    Here’s what’s new in 0.3:

    This version features Cheetah support for the “view”, form objects with validation support, action objects for controller abstraction, DispatchAction support that allows multiple method entry points on the same action object, and ActionForward for abstracting a page location by name.

    This is definately worth checking out!

  • Throw Your Hands up in the Air

    Mark is fed up with standards again.  This time it’s RSS.

    That’s really not supposed to sound absurd, I understand his frustration.  RSS in all of its various forms has baggage.  A lot of baggage.

    Someday his trunk will have one of those safety latch things that lets you escape.

    Then again, there is no trunk.


    Speaking of RSS, here’s Dave from earlier today:

    Mark Nottingham has prepared a draft of a spec for RSS 2.0 suitable for submission to the IETF.

    I’ll shrug my shoulders just about as much as Sam.

  • Pocket PC Network Programming

    Congrats to Steve Makofsky, his forthcoming Pocket PC Network Programming is now officially “coming soon“!