Why American SUVs Scare Me



Hummer H2 vs. Volkswagen Golf
Hummer H2 vs. Volkswagen Golf

I was killing some time at a Best Buy this afternoon before class.  I parked my car, browsed for a bit, and came out to find a brand new Hummer H2 Soccer Assault Vehicle parked next to me.  I took a step back to view how absurd this looked.  To the right you’ll see my ’98 Volkswagen Golf.  You’ll notice that the bottom of the mirror on the H2 is above my roofline.  The top of the brush guard on the H2 is a few inches below my 5’10” shoulder height.

It’s funny but scary.  I’m in that car on the highway with these H2’s.  Down the road when I’ve got kids in my car, I’m going to have no choice but to become part of this arms race and buy something bigger and safer.

If I lived in the UK, I’d probably be running around in a Lupo GTI or some other small zippy fun car.  Now I’m rethinking this whole compact car thing in the States.