Day: April 15, 2003

  • Tomcat Included in Netware 6.5


    Breathing new life into Netware, Novell is making the news with announcements of its Netware 6.5 operating system beta this week, which will include Apache Tomcat and its J2EE 1.3 exteNd application server. In addition, Netware 7 (to be released next august) will offer the choice of a Linux or Netware kernel for its OS.

  • The Revolution Will Be Wireless

    Doc Searls:

    Sputnik has come out with its first hardware product: The AP 120 wireless access point. It’s an enterprise thingie with auto-configuration (plug one into your LAN, it figures out where to get control commands, puts up a dynamic firewall, and immediately becomes a smart but unobtrusive member of the corporate hive — all while putting out a nice little wi-fi signal). Dave Sifry (Sputnik co-founder and main tech guy) tells me the $185 price gets you the equivalent of a Cisco number selling for $800 or so. Sputnik is selling it even more cheaply to OEMs and giving away the firmware for free. I’m sure a market will follow.

    Wow.  The only catch that I can see is that the $185 program is a limited release, and you’d probably end up buying Sputnik Central Control Version 2.1 when it’s out.

    If they can keep the price point right for their final release, they’d have technie geeks like myself running them at home in addition to their corporate clients.

    Don’t underestimate the geeks.

  • Scoble Goes to Microsoft

    Dave notes that Scoble is leaving NEC to work for Microsoft as a technical evangelist.  Congrats.

  • Apple Rocks 802.11g

    WiFi Network News points to a CNet article announcing that Apple has shipped 150,000 Airport Extreme base stations during the first quarter.

    WiFi Network News (it used to be 802.11b News) has recently switched to MovableType, which makes linking to it much easier than their old template.

  • Iguana

    From the Washington Post Business Section this morning:

    Behind the meat counter at Mercadito Ramos II, Jaime Medina lifted a bag of dark-pink iguana meat to the silver scale. The headless, skinless lizard registered 3.3 pounds. “Forty dollars,” Medina said in Spanish.

    Since the iguanas began arriving at the Langley Park store last month, Medina, a 23-year-old Salvadoran who runs the store for his father, has sold them at $12.50 per pound to Central Americans hungry for a taste of home. There the meat is a delicacy, a cure-all and an aphrodisiac.

    #ifdef SLOW_NEWS_DAY
    /* Publish Iguana Story */

  • Open Source Confusion

    Keith points out that Phoenix and Minotaur are to be renamed Firebird and Thunderbird.

    He had the same thought I did: Firebird is already a database.  In fact, if you search for Firebird on Google, guess what database is on the top?  Yep.