Day: April 14, 2003

  • Fastest Growing Hosting Providers

    Netcraft has posted a list of the fastest growing hosting providers out there.  Here’s an observation they have about the fastest growers:

    The top of the table shows that fast growth in the hosting industry is closely linked to providing good value at a low price. 1&1 and Host Europe both offer extremely cheap shared hosting packages, while Rackshack has more or less defined the market for low-cost dedicated servers. Colt is often amongst the cheapest quotes for bandwidth in the cities in which it operates.

    The top spot goes to 1&1 Internet AG, sporting 812 servers at the end of ’01 and 7,203 at the end of ’02.  The runner up was Rackshack, with 1,208 servers at the end of ’01 and 7,356 at the end of ’02.

    That’s a lot of servers.

  • Safari With Tabs, Wierd Tablet Rumors


    Apple released a new Safari public beta today. With tabs and speed improvements. The tabs are a bit slicker than they were in the leaked beta versions, so go and get it already.

    The latest variation over the Apple Tablet rumor is a 15″ tablet with no battery. That seems pretty weird.

    Update: Mark Pilgrim has all of the CSS info on the new Safari release.

  • BitTorrent Files for Slashdot Effect Victims

    BitTorrent Files for Slashdot Effect Victims is a great resource for things that are both bandwidth intensive and hard to download.  They currently have the Red Hat 9 ISOs, Animatrix 3, Matrix Reloaded trailer, and some others.