What Can You Do With the ICBM RSS 2.0 Module?



I’ve been thinking about ways that you can use the ICBM RSS module.  Of course, the obvious thing to do is geolocate your RSS feed.  By adding latitude and longitude to the <channel> element, you’re saying that this RSS feed originates from or is about this specific location.  That much is a no brainer, but what else can you do?

A moblogging app that is GPS capable or location-aware could tag each post with the location.  For instance, if I’m blogging from times square about something, the lat/long for times square could be embedded in that post.  Someone like Joi Ito could associate a particular location with a picture posted from his mobile phone.  I could then visualize his RSS feed by location, superimposing his entries on a map.

I’m sure that much more can be done, but for now, it’s lunchtime.