Thinking in C# Downloads Pulled



Larry O’Brien:

Thinking in C# no longer available for download. As you may know, one of the aspects of this project was that draft versions of the text had been available for download. Surprisingly, I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that some of the other parties involved feel that the “last draft” (the text as it stands today) should not (in fact, must not) be available in any form. In my opinion, that’s a gratuitous disservice to the community — every word in the text is either available for free download in another text or was written by me. The text that I do have rights to (a divvying-up that will take place via lawyers, unfortunately) will be available again as soon as the rights situation is cleared up. To receive an email notification of this and other C# and .NET training products, please sign up on my mailing list.

I’ve heard rumors that some people downloaded the draft of Thinking in C# before it was pulled.  This whole thing sucks, IMHO.