RFC: ICBM RSS 2.0 Module



I posted an RFC this evening for an RSS 2.0 module that facilitates geolocating an RSS feed or a specific item in a feed.  It can be applied either to the <channel> level or the <item> level.  I personally think that using it at the <item> level would be really rewarding.  The full details are at the RFC, but here’s a quick sample of usage from within RSS 2.0:


I have posted a validating example of an RSS feed using this module.  The idea is an extension of GeoURL and I remember someone saying that they’d like to attach coordinates to a post a few days or a week ago, but I can’t remember who it is.

Now you can.  Head over to the RFC for more information.  Thanks to Kenneth Hunt and that guy that mentioned something like this a few days ago.  Man my memory sucks.