Geolocating RSS Generated by MovableType



Geolocating an RSS 2.0 feed in MovableType is rediculously easy.  I’ll try to go over the steps quickly in hopes that I’ll do a more detailed job for end-user-types in the future.

  1. Create an RSS 2.0 feed if you haven’t done so.  This can be done by clicking on templates from your main blog view.
    • Click on the RSS 0.91 Index template.
    • Copy the template body
    • Go back to the template view and click create new index template
    • Give it a name (RSS 2.0 Index) output file (rss2.xml or similar) and paste everything into the template body.
    • Change rss version=”0.91″ to rss version=”2.0″.
    • Save.
  2. Add the ICBM namespace to your <rss> item like so: <rss version=”2.0″ xmlns:icbm=”“>
  3. Somewhere below <channel> but before <MTEntries lastn=”x”>, add the following:
    • <icbm:latitude>yourLatitude</icbm:latitude>
    • <icbm:longitude>yourLongitude</icbm:longitude>
  4. Save.  Redbuild.  Party.  Your RSS 2.0 feed is now geolocated. at the <channel> level.

You can use GeoURL’s resources section to find out your lat/long.  You should probably also have the HTML version of your weblog listed with GeoURL.

As far as examples go, check out the geolocated RSS 2.0 feed for my movable type testblog.  I assure you that the feed validates as RSS.  Right now the testblog is running on a Linux development box, so don’t be suprised about any outages.

That’s it for now, enjoy.