Day: April 10, 2003

  • Managed Unmanned Aircraft

    Rob Fahrni points to Mike Sax:

    A team at Cornell University is flying unmanned airplanes using Embedded XP, C#, and components from our Connected Framework. All the navigational sensors and controls connect to an array of serial ports. While debugging the flight control algorithms, the software interfaces with Microsoft Flight Simulator, for obvious reasons.

    Sweet.  Only fly managed unmanned aircraft.

  • The Concorde is Retired

    ConcordeThe London Times:

    British Airways and Air France today signalled the end of the supersonic era in aviation by announcing that they were retiring their Concorde planes this year.

    BA blamed falling passenger levels and rising maintenance costs for the decision to scrap flights.

    Both BA and Air France said their Concorde operations would stop at the end of October 2003. Air France’s last transatlantic flight by Concorde will be on May 31.

  • Broadband Critical Mass

    Scott Mace:

    Broadband’s ‘Critical Mass’. 22% of U.S. homes now in the fast lane [Broadbandreports]

  • The Death of Thinking in C#

    Larry O’Brien:

    It’s been a rotten couple of months. For reasons that I can’t talk about publicly, the printing of Thinking in C# has been cancelled. I’d love to just rip the parts of the book that are based on Thinking in Java out, throw them in the trash, and publish the 2/3 of the book that I wrote from scratch, but I don’t have the clear legal right to do so and my former co-author is the one who can afford lawyers. I’d love to produce training information on C# and .NET (after all, one Microsoft reviewer said that Thinking in C# was “the definitive text” on certain subjects), but 18 months after starting Thinking in C# I’m flat broke.

    The writing of Thinking in C# was one of the greatest experiences of my life. After 14 years of writing for magazines, it was amazing to be able to tackle broad issues, with numerous examples. The publishing of Thinking in C#, though, was probably the worst experience of my professional life…<long rant scribbled because, like I said, I can’t really talk about it>…

    Stay tuned to http://www.ThinkingIn.NET/ — I’ll be making some significant changes to the Website in the coming days.

    I bought the $5 non-printable PDF several months ago and considered it an amazing bargain at the time.  I was looking forward to purchasing the book in print for reference, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.  Luckily you can snag the book in progress that may never be finished here.

    Sounds like some nasty stuff must have happened.  I’m sorry that a good book was one of the casualties.

  • Implementing Visicalc

    Via Slashdot, it looks like Visicalc was born (released) a month after I was.  Here’s one way to do a code listing:

    I made a listing of the TRS-80 program by using my SX-70 Polaroid camera to take a picture of each page and then worked with this listing as I rewrote the code for the Apple.