Day: April 7, 2003

  • More Thoughts on SharpReader

    I imported the 250 some RSS feeds that I follow regularly into SharpReader this afternoon.  The threading and interactions are really wonderful.  I found myself just exploring the interactions for awhile.  (Mental note: the community needs a way to visualize these interactions graphically or some other way to be able to easily wrap our heads around it.)

    My favorite part is that you can click on a collection of feeds and then keep tabs on all of those feeds at once.  That’s crucial when you’re keeping track of a ton of stuff.  The only problem that I can see so far is avoiding the temptation of hitting the refresh button every 5 minutes or so.

    The sad thing is that my workday revolves around the top of the hour when my news aggregator updates.  That is not going to change, as all the machines at work are Widnows 98, so no SharpAggregator there.  I’m giving SharpReader a test run at home though, and so far I like it.

  • Kittenblog

    The New Kitten

    I know that I have just violated some kind of techblog taboo, but above is Collin, our new kitten.  I’ll be quiet now.  In fact, to counteract such kitten silliness, here’s a picture of my 1U server before I put the heatsink/fan on:

    My New Server

    My babies.

  • Intellectual Bandwidth

    John Udell:

    The world’s full of smart people who have, collectively, a lot of the intellectual bandwidth needed to absorb and master open-source infrastructure. It’s the scarcity of expertise with the software that has made open source uneconomical in a lot of cases. As people in India and Russia and elsewhere dig into open source technologies, they can broker that expertise and help bridge the gap between the theory and the practice of reuse. [Full story at].

    Typo fixed.  Oops.  Thanks, Will.

  • Why BitTorrent Rocks

    Adam Curry:

    In the first few days, BitTorrent delivered over 10,000 copies of the Red Hat 9 ISOs.