Gentoo Rocks!



I booted up the 1U this evening.from the basic iso.  I followed the install docs and have been bootstrapping a system that is optimized to my hardware.

Oh, here’s the great thing: After I got a few things in order, I hit up /etc/init.d/sshd and have been doing the vast majority of the install over SSH.  No that I’ve been doing anything really.  I haven’t touched it since I edited make.conf.  It’s been humming in the background while I’ve been working on my Windows box.

I tried Gentoo shortly after it was announced an available for download, but I ended up getting frustrated at network configuration.  I was quite happy to find that the correct modules were loaded and after a menu-driven network config script, everything just worked.

Thanks for all the hard work to make mybootstrapping and installation painless so far.  I’m curious to see how zippy this system will end up.