Pointers From a Weekend Offline



I spent most of the weekend offline.  Here are a bunch of things that I have been keeping tabs on but haven’t had a chance to look into:

  • Cool freshmeat releases
    • Highlight (source hilighter) 2.0b-6.  I’ve been happy with GNU Source-Hiligher, though it doesn’t support PHP4 because of non-GPLness issues.
    • phpCodeViewer 0.3 “is a highly-customizable, general purpose file viewer tool for the Web. It produces directory listings similar to apache’s, and lets you click on (source code) files inside those directories to view them online with line numbering and syntax highlighting.”
  • Sam Ruby tracks XHTML in RSS, which I think is A Good Thing.
  • Slashdot notes that IPv6 subnets based on 6bone are going to go away eventually.  This sucks for Freenet6 and others.
  • [H]ard|OCP pointed to a water cooled Traxxas RC truck today.  Way cool.  I ran electric 1:10 RC for awhile a few years ago.  I had a Opel Calibra V6DTM (Tamiya TA-02 body), a Mini Cooper on a Mini Tamiya body, and an F1.  I miss those days.
  • After reading ChrisAn‘s entry about BlogX rev 20, I realized that I probably wouldn’t be able to work at Microsoft.  Can you imagine people referring to me as MattCroy?  Didn’t think so.
  • Erik pointed to OpenZaurus.  Coool.

I’ll be plugging in again later tonight.