Twin 0.4.6 Released



Twin is:

Twin is a text-mode windowing environment: it draws and manages text windows on a text-mode display, like X11 does for graphical windows. It has a built-in window manager and terminal emulator, and can be used as server for remote clients in the same style as X11. It can display on Linux console, on X11 and inside itself.

Here’s what’s new for 0.4.6:

Several bugs were fixed, including a buffer overrun in twdisplay, a memory leak in ‘Reload RC’, a missing stdarg.h includ in the libTw headers, compilation errors in hw_tty.c, and a problem with cut and paste pasting when clicking on the window border. getpt() support was added along with better error reporting in the pty code, ‘make uninstall’, a new shinyMetal_6x13.xpm theme. The twdisplay now autoprobes module HW drivers, support for utf8 on the Linux console was added, and more libTutf character sets were included. ‘make install DEBUG=y’ no longer strips binaries.

It’s an interesting project.  The screenshots bring back memories of the menu-driven DOS days.