Sun Linux: No Mas



CNet reports that Sun is dropping its own version of Linux in favor of forming alliances with Linux distributors.

When they put Sun Linux on their workstations for LinuxWorld, they didn’t even bother to replace the red hat at the bottom left of the screen, so it was fairly obvious what Sun Linux was.

“We will not be supporting the customized version of Sun Linux. We’ll be moving to standardized distributions of Linux,” said John Loiacono, vice president of Sun’s operating platforms group, in a meeting with reporters here. The change will take place as soon as possible, he said–“way before the end of the year.”

I’m also not suprised that Red Hat isn’t really excited about the whole Sun Linux thing in general:

Red Hat declined to comment for this story. However, in February, the company indicated Sun won’t have an easy time forming an alliance. “We don’t see why we should get any cozier with them,” said Mark De Visser, Red Hat’s vice president of marketing.