Day: March 27, 2003

  • Longest Burning Lightbulb


    Host Bob Edwards details a century-old lightbulb that keeps burning and burning. The hand blown bulb is only four watts, but it’s been burning in a California fire station since a neighbor donated it around the turn of the century.

    This is something really cool that I stumbled upon while searching for something on NPR’s site.  There is more information at the Livermore Centennial Light web site.

    Praise good searches gone bad!

  • HTTP Error 410: Stop Calling Here

    Mark Pilgrim:

    Embracing HTTP error code 410 means embracing the impermanence of all things.

  • Command and Conquer: Restricted


    CNet is reporting that Germany has placed EA’s newest Command & Conquer game ‘Generals’ on its restricted list, which means it may not be advertised or displayed on shelves although it may be kept under store counters and sold to adults. The reason according to Elke Monssen-Engberding, director of the Ministry for Family Affairs: ‘It portrays war as the only way to resolve conflicts.

    Well, any game that gets this treatment is probably a good game.  I’ve played C&C:G a few times.  The engine is amazing: It’s all 3D all the time.  The cut scenes are not compressed video like in the past, they’re rendered in the game engine.  You can go seamlessly from a battle to a cut scene that unfolds another part of the mission, back to battle.  There were even a few matrix-like 3d freezes.

    The only problem is that it was just about as fun as the original Command and Conquer that I played on the family Pentium 60 when I was in middle school.  Sure, it’s fun for a bit, as C&C has always been, but it seemed to get old fast.  I would think that a fully 3d engine would awe and wow me, but aparently it’s something that I’ve just come to expect from games.

    I haven’t tried multiplayer yet, which might be its killer feature.  I played the original C&C in multiplayer mode via modem a few times, which was mind blowing at the time.  Now if it’s not massively multiplayer, it’s not buzzword compliant.

    Haiku review:

    3D graphics are amazing
    So good that it’s restricted
    Buy it, but on sale.

  • Blogging Theme Song

    Joi Ito via Chris Prillo:

    Steven Frank has composed a song about blogging called Ben and Mena. He blogs about it here, and the 3.8MB mp3 file is here. Probably interesting to hardcore bloggers only, but VERY funny. 😉

    Send me a ping… send me a trackback.  I promise I won’t complain…