Day: March 24, 2003

  • Adobe Prefers PCs?


    Adobe put a page up (named ‘pcpreferred.html’) stating that the PC is preffered to run Adobe products. Adobe, along with Quark and Macromedia, are the long standing allies to Apple, offering the most important products that literally drive Mac sales in the Pro market. For historical reasons mostly, it is now of surprise to see Adobe openly verifying and backing up Digital Producer Magazine’s benchmarks and recommending PCs instead of Macs to their customers (even if PCs have indeed overtake Macs speed-wise the last 1-2 years). This is a blow for Apple, sales and marketing-wise and we will wait for a reaction from Apple towards Adobe.

  • Red Hat 9 Release Date

    Slashdot notes that Red Hat 9 will be released to paying customers on March 31st and the general public April 7.

  • Linux on Centrino


    Although the Linux support software for Centrino is working at Intel’s labs, it hasn’t been fully tested and full completion of the project hinges on the timing of requirements from computer makers, company spokesman Scott McLaughlin said Monday.


    Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel hasn’t yet decided whether to release its Linux work for Centrino as open-source software, McLaughlin said.

    Message to Intel: Submit a patch to the kernel and please please please release your other drivers as open source.  The flavor isn’t as important as people think.  Just make sure that it’s some sort of free and get it out there.  You’ll thank yourselves later.

  • Web Services Security

    JavaWorld via Java-Channel:

    Security is important for any kind of distributed computing environment. For Web services environments, security is becoming even more important due to Web services’ unique characteristics. In this article, Sang Shin discusses these characteristics and explains why Web services need a different set of security schemes. He then examines the various Web services security schemes being designed and implemented by the industry. These new schemes are expected to accelerate the adoption of Web services, especially in the business community, where security is always a top priority.

  • Upcoming Cool Stuff in PHP5


    Via Simon, there’s a slideshow of what’s new in PHP 5. Unfortunately, the server is super slow right now (the slideshow one, not Simon’s), so you may have trouble getting to the slideshow. Lots of interesting stuff.