Day: March 11, 2003



    Spymac reports that is going metal. It’s a rumor, of course.

    Where do I sign the ‘Metal Sucks!’ petition?

  • Red Bull and Struts from Scratch

    I agree with Matt Raible:

    Red Bull at lunch and I feel like I got a full night’s sleep!

    Also worth checking out is Struts from Scratch by Kevin Bedell, which covers a struts install from zero to productive.

  • Topology

    Sam Ruby nudges us gently with his new essay, Topology.

  • Lessig Breaks the Silence


    So as the cruel master of fate would have it, on the day that the Eldred case officially ended, I was at Disney World. I was tricked into going to Disney World. I thought the conference was “in Orlando.” But Orlando has apparently morphed into Disney World, and so when yesterday the Court refused a request to rehear the case (totally expected), I learned the news while drinking coffee from a Mickey mug.

    I still believe that nobody could have argued the Eldred case better than Lawrence Lessig.  Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from him in the near future.

  • Office 2003 and the Google SOAP API

    This just came down the .netwire:

    Chris Kunicki discusses how to build a research library, a cool new feature of Microsoft Office 2003 that allows the easy research of external resources from within Office.

    Here’s the MSDN article.  I’m not sure if the final version of Office 2003 will be as ugly as these screenshots, but I hope not.  It looks like the Easter Bunny got in a fight with Office 2003 and Office 2003 lost.

  • On the Borderline of Chaos

    Juha Haataja is working on an essay about the weblogging community:

    Currently there are three classes of bloggers: A, B and C class. The ‘A-class’ gathers most of the page-reads and referrals. There are perhaps 10-50 bloggers in this class. The ‘B-class’ consist of bloggers who once in a while get wider notice, perhaps thanks to the attention of an ‘A-class’ blogger. There may be 100-1000 bloggers in this category. And the ‘C-class’ contains therefore about 999000 bloggers (if the estimate of a million bloggers is correct).


  • mod_mono 0.3.6

    Via Freshmeat, mod_mono:

    mod_mono is a module that interfaces Apache with Mono and allows running ASP.NET pages on Unix and Unix-like systems.

    This release was updated to work with Mono 0.23. A bug that forced all Apache requests to be served through mod_mono was fixed.

  • htmlUrl or htmlurl?

    Simon Fell:

    I know someone recently was ranting about the casing of attribute names in OPML htmlUrl vs htmlurl, but I can’t find the post now. Anyway Chris Pirillo ran into a problem trying to import his OPML into blogToaster, so it will now happily accept either htmlUrl or htmlurl. Enjoy!

    Is one usage or another the ‘defacto’ standard?

    Of course, the answer is the age old be liberal in what you accept and conservative in what you send.  Send only the correct usage, but be prepared to accept any variation on the standard.

  • Heads

    Tom Stoppard:

    Eternity’s a terrible thought. I mean, where’s it all going to end?

    I don’t usually post QoTD’s, but Stoppard is the man.

  • rss version=”3.14159265359″

    Jon Udell is confused with an RSS feed with a version number of PI.  The offending prankster is Mark Pilgrim.  Here’s the offending RSS feed, which of course validates as RSS.  And of course I wrote all of this before looking at the second screenshot that explains everything.  Disregard.