Day: March 9, 2003

  • Roogle Slashdotted

    Roogle got slashdotted today.  Congrats, Scott.

    I was hoping to find interesting comments below the article, but alas.  Normally I can’t verify how little the angry slashdot readers actually know, but in this case I can.  It’s obvious that they know very little about RSS, weblogs, the development process of Roogle, and how cool it really is.

    Sad, really.

    Removing the logo was probably a good idea though.

  • Matt Raible: Mophoto Mofo

    Matt Raible:

    Well, I went ahead and ordered the Communicam from AT&T and it should be hear in 3 days or so. Julie thinks I’m crazy, and she’s probably right that the camera sucks, but I want to be a moblogger. I want to post pictures and blog, in real time. My first adventure? I hope to mophoto Erik at the Denver JUG meeting a week from today. That is, if I get the camera and figure it out in time.

    Good luck, moblogger.  The camera will probably suck, but that’s half the fun.  You get to enjoy some of the great crappy photos that toy camera enthusiasts strive for.  And it won’t have Barbie or Nickelodian plastered all over it!

    I have decided to pick up the first Symbianish/Java/Bluetooth/Camera/etc phone that I can get my hands on for a reasonable sum.  I’m leaning towards something like the Nokia 7650 or a Sony Ericsson T310 or P800 or so.  I’ll probably have to jump ship from Sprint PCS in order to do so, but I haven’t been impressed with any of their ‘PCS Vision’ phones yet.

    Sprint is holding my phone number hostage, and they extract a ransom every month for it.