Day: March 6, 2003

  • New Levels of Connectivity

    Are more planes falling out of the sky than before, or am I just more aware of them now?

    Current RSS feed count: 244.

    If a tree falls in the woods and a weblogger is nearby, I’ll probably hear about it.

  • Tabbed Browsing

    Dave “Tabbed” Hyatt:

    I’ve seen a lot of comments in various Mac forums where people have claimed that “Dave Hyatt said he doesn’t like tabbed browsing!” or “Dave Hyatt hates tabbed browsing!”. I find these posts perplexing, because I never said any such thing, and of course the opposite is true. I love tabbed browsing. I implemented tabbrowser in the Mozilla trunk. I implemented tabbed browsing in Chimera. I implemented the version used in Phoenix. Given how many times I’ve implemented it, I’m amazed that people would think that I am not a tabbed browsing devotee.

    Cool trivia.  Check out the rest of the post to see UI decisions for tabbed browsing.

  • Behind The Headlines

    John Burkhardt:

    I can’t say it any better than Paresh.  I wish all who were let go yesterday the very best.  I’m experiencing a bit of survivor’s guilt today.  Behind the headlines we have to remember that there are real people and families, hopes and dreams.  If anyone is looking to hire some of the best and brightest folks in the business, be on the look out for resumes with Groove Networks on them.

    This is exactly what I was trying to express yesterday.  Thanks, John.

  • The Tipping Point

    WiFi News:

    I believe we can call today the day the dike broke. Why the UK suddenly went from a few hundred installed and a few thousand committed to tens of thousands in the works and several thousand up in the next months is anyone’s guess. There goes that tipping point.

  • Too Many Specs

    Doug Kaye points this out:

    Don Box: Too Many Specs. The co-inventor of SOAP (now a Microsoft engineer) had harsh words this week for vendors contributing to the plethora of web-services specifications, and advised developers to read less of them and get on with writing applications.

    Yes.  I agree 100%.  The WS-* specs seem to make things more confusing, more complicated, work against each other, and generally muck things up.  I’ll bet that they don’t actually solve the problems that they set out to solve for most people.

  • AP News in RSS

    Jenny, the awesome Shifted Librarian:

    We’ve decided that Andy Rhinehart is channeling my RSS feed. On his way in to work this morning at our favorite Spartanburg newspaper, he thought up a way to syndicate Associated Press headlines. So put your hands together for the Spartanburg Herald-Journal’s AP National and AP World RSS feeds!

    Yes!  Subscribed, subscribed.

    It’d be really nice if we could get this information straight from the AP though.  I mean we are all independent reporters.

  • Power Mac Update


    Apple has introduced an updated Power Mac. The relevant specs: dual G4/1.42, upgraded DDR 333 RAM, and FireWire 800, with pricing between $1499 and $3799. From the site: “The new Power Mac G4 combines rock solid engineering reflective of the full-throttle Xserve architecture with new technologies for massively enhanced output and connectivity. And it’s a digital media powerhouse that delivers tremendous value across the line, with dual processor performance starting at just $1999”

  • Sony Ericsson P800 Available in Bulgaria, Not US


    Wait a second. So Sony Ericsson’s widely anticipated P800 smartphone is about to go on sale in Bulgaria, but it’s still weeks away from being available in the US?

    That’s messed up.  I protest.  I’d settle for a Nokia 7650 or something similar though.  Something?  Anything?

  • Honda Element

    Clarance Westberg:

    I got a new vehicle yesterday, it was time my 93 GMC safari had a 150,000 miles and went 1 repair bill over the line. I got a Blue 2003 Honda Element. I really like this thing, I don’t usually name my vehicles but I am this time. I am going to call it the Tardis because of it’s looks and the fact that it is bigger on the inside than the outside.

    I really like this boxy pseudo-SUV.  It looks a little weird at some angles, but I’m sure it rocks.  Enjoy, Clarance.

  • .NET Compact Framework QuickStart

    Steve “Furrygoat” Makofsky:

    Looks like has posted several QuickStart Tutorial’s for the .NET Compact Framework.

    Gobs of information here.  Gobs.

  • Vasters: WSDL Should Die

    Clemens Vasters wants WSDL to die.  I told you I’d find and expert for you:

    So, I hereby declare myself as an expert on that matter 😉  Based on what I’ve seen WSDL do for me and looking at what’s been evolving in the WS-* spec realm lately, I want it to die. I think we its time is up and we no longer need it and I believe it will cause more problems than provide solutions moving forward.

    Definately read the rest of his post for more.

  • Sony Ericsson T310


    Sony Ericsson has unveiled its new T310 mobile phone, which will come with Activision’s Gamehit Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 preloaded and additional games can be downloaded. The phone features a mini-joystick, color display, 32 polyphonic sounds and vibrating force feedback. Some pictures can be found at Three G Mobile.

    More info is available at the T310 Page.

  • WSDL 1.2 Working Draft

    WebServices.Org notes that the WSDL 1.2 Working Draft has been published.

    I’ll leave the analysis to those more qualified.

  • XP in DC With Smalltalk

    James Robertson:

    I’m giving a talk on XP in Smalltalk at the XP DC Group on March 10.

    Hmm, I might just be able to make that.

  • Bringing New Meaning to the Words, “Voted Off The Island”


    Wouldn’t Donner Party make a perfect reality TV show?
    Hey, don’t just vote losers off.

    Don’t give them any ideas!

  • Python Desktop Server Step By Step

    Cool, Georg Bauer has posted a step by step guide to starting a weblog with PyDS, screenshots and all.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Groove Gets Fudning, Cuts Work Force


    News.Com reports that Groove has raised more money, $38 million, and has laid off 20 percent of its employees. By my count, they have raised $140 million. How many dollars per user is that? How many dollars per employee? Imagine if Pyra had raised $140 million. (They could have bought UserLand, and still had some cash left over. Hehe.)

    I don’t want to jinx anyone by mentioning names, but I hope that everything goes as well as possible for everyone that we know inside Groove.