Day: February 26, 2003

  • Python Desktop Server

    Python Desktop Server:

    The Python Desktop Server is a combined Weblog authoring tool, XMLRPC/SOAP server, and news aggregator. It allows one to read RSS news feeds, post to a community server (such as Radio Userland or any Python Community Server installation), and includes tools for Weblog and homepage management. It features a Web interface, a built-in Web server, extensibility through scripts that connect via XMLRPC or macros, and a plugin architecture.

    I found this via freshmeat this morning.  This looks like a great addition to other free tools like bzero and PyCS.  Congrats all around.

  • matt.sleep(many_hours);

    Man, that’s the last time I try reading a comp sci book in bed.  I must have zonked out, cause now it’s 4am.