Day: February 24, 2003

  • Google API Violation?


    Anil Dash describes an unusual side effect of the Google-Pyra deal: All the Google API users on Radio UserLand weblogs may be in violation of the license, which prohibits use with any product or service that competes with Google.

    I suppose that one could take that to its logical conclusion and declare that Movable Type, Blosxom, and any other weblogging software both free and for profit using the Google API would be in violation of the license.  Even if it’s free, it’s still competition to Blogger.

    I’m really hoping that Google will handle this in the Right Way and not the Wrong Way.

  • Slashdotted

    Holy shit!  Now slashdot?

  • Mono 0.20

    From the Mono page:

    Mono 0.20 has been released. Check out the release notes for an overview of the changes. You can get it here. There are no major features in this release, mostly bug fixes and performance improvements.

    It looks like an impressive release, with remoting bits, threading tweaks, the beginnings of System.Security, System.XML fixes, Mono.Posix, lots of refactoring and bugfixing.

    I’ll be upgrading my Mono install soon.