Day: February 20, 2003

  • D60 Replacement

    From the canon-digital-rumor-sales-rep-knows-nothing dept:

    My Canon sales rep and the local tech rep stopped by.  The official unofficial word is that there is indeed a replacement for the canon D60 digital SLR.  It will most likely be announced around the 27th.

    The sales rep isn’t saying much, claims not to know much, but Canon is flying all the sales reps into Vegas two days before PMA starts.  This is significant because Canon usually sends their sales reps to PMA one day before the big show starts.

    We’ll see what happens.

  • Weblogging Inflection Point

    Davenet on Google-Blogger:

    But this ain’t Kansas anymore. Blogging is growing up, and when we look back, the Google-Blogger deal will probably be seen as an inflection point, perhaps *the* moment when it all changed.

  • Ev Down

    Evan Williams:

    Oh, hi. Welcome to my home page. My name is Ev.

    I’m a little busy right now, retooling for a different life. So I’ve taken the blog offline to clear my head.

  • Andy Oliver is Crazy

    Yep.  Now he’s writing notes to himself:

    As the sole user of your work “Communist Aggregator”, I’m writing to ask you to fix a few bugs and add a few features.

    I wonder if he’s going to ignore himself or add features and tweak the UI like the angry user, er himself, suggests.  <grin/>

  • Good Stuff From .netWire

    Here are two good links from .netWire this morning.  The first should give the various .NETWeblogs some flow:

    If you are the kind of person who just can not get enough .NET information, we have just what you are looking for.Many fellow members of your .NET Community have decided (for one reason or another) to start blogging about their experiences with .NET, Software development, and a little splash of life at .NET Weblogs.

    The second looks promising for ASP.NET developers:

    The ASP.NET Starter Kits are sample ASP.NET applications that provide code to accomplish common Web development tasks. Each sample is complete and well-documented so that you can use the code to kickstart your ASP.NET development projects today.

  • DC Blogger Meetup

    It sounds like I missed a cool blogger meetup last night:

    The blogger meetup was pretty cool. There were only 4 attendees (including myself), but it was agood crowd. It was also neat that the Lehrer Report (PBS) had a crew there to interview us – they are doing a story on bloggers, and wanted to talk to us about what we do and why we do it. They got the crowd they wanted – none of us do political blogs – there’s mine (Smalltalk), an economic blogger, and one on web advertising.

    I’ll have to catch it next time around.

  • Wired News on Moblogging

    Wired News:

    The meteoric rise of weblogging is one of the most unexpected technology stories of the past year, and much like the commentary that populates these ever-changing digital diaries, the story of blogging keeps evolving.

    One recent trend is “moblogging,” or mobile weblogging. New tools like Manywhere Moblogger, Wapblog and FoneBlog allow bloggers to post information about the minutiae of their lives from anywhere, not just from a PC.

    Congrats to Russ for the Wired linkage.  I’m personally quite stunned to be on the recieving end of Wired linkage.

  • GCC 3.4 Flexes Muscles


    A CVS version of the yet to be released GCC 3.4 is reaching parity with ICC on floating point performance according to SPECFP2000. SPECINT still isn’t as good however GCC is making big improvements there too. I hope that this is an indication of things to come. Congratulations to the GCC team are in order.

    This is excellent.  Any bets on how soon you’ll be able to build a Gentoo distro around GCC 3.4?

  • Headache and Homework

    Headache and homework means that I probably won’t be writing anything today.