Day: February 18, 2003

  • DTDDoc: It’s like Javadoc, but for your DTDs

    DTDDoc sounds interesting to me:

    DTDDoc is designed to help document your DTDs efficiently. It is a straightforward extension of the Javadoc concept, and a not so straightforward implementation of some of the concepts solidified by Donald E. Knuth.

    I haven’t seen this project before on freshmeat, but here’s what’s new in version 0.0.5:

    New display of element/attribute parent, and a new ability to configure the title that is displayed on top of the index.

    The example output comes with both html-ized javadoc-like human-readable output (too many dashes there), as well as a good old DTD that can be used to validate stuff.  Quite a slick little project.

  • Mono Updates: OpenGL#, Mono Basic

    From the Mono site:

    • Mark Crichton has completed his OpenGL/GLUT bindings for Gnome. A screenshot can be seen here. The bindings are available on the Mono CVS repository on the module `glgen’. This is a straight binding to the C API.
    • Marco has posted an update on the current state of the free VB.NET compiler for Mono.
    • We are looking for contributors and maintainers to the JavaScript compiler as well (Janet)

    The news is a few days old, but for some reason it just showed up in my aggregator and must be spread.

  • Why Warner Onstine Became a Programmer

    Erik pointed to an entry by Warner Onstine about why he became a programmer.

    The first thing that struck me about his blosxom-powered weblog is the navigation at the top.  Sure it gives me nightmares about dealing with MS Access, but it’s quite slick and flows with the directory-based categorization of blosxom.

    I’ve subscribed to Warner’s RSS feed.