Day: February 15, 2003

  • 2-Disk X window embedded Linux

    I might have figured out what to do with some of the old hardware I have kicking around.  It involves 2-Disk Xwindow embedded Linux:

    2-Disk X window embedded Linux is a tiny net-centric Linux that aims at portable secure remote system usage. It contains many utilities including: X Windows, vncviewer, rdesktop, a Web browser, a file manager, a text editor, a terminal, a window manager, a menu system, a dialog system, X scripting facilities, and many others. It aims to work from 1 or 2 floppy disks in any remote location.

    Note to open source developers: take advantage of hosting provided by Sourceforge or others.  Swatting popups when looking at free software isn’t too much fun.

  • GCC Myths and Facts

    Joao Seabra wrote an article posted at freshmeat about GCC that was enlightning:

    Since my good old Pentium 166 days, I’ve liked to search for the best optimizations possible so programs can take the maximum advantage of hardware/CPU cycles. If I have a nice piece of hardware, why not run it at its full power, using every little feature? Shouldn’t we all try to get the best results from the money invested in our machines?

    It has a lot of interesting info for anyone who’s trying to tailor a build to their particluar hardware.  I like the bits about -march implying -mcpu but the myth debunking section rocks too.

  • Washington (DC) Weather

    Wet Wet + Cold Cold = Bad Bad.

    It looks like things are going to get interesting.

  • Aggie 1.0 RC5

    Simon Fell:

    RC5 of Aggie is now available

    David Gammel notes that Aggie now supports scraping of sites that don’t have RSS feeds.

    Good stuff.

  • Say Hello to Agent Frank

    Les has unleashed Agent Frank, his Personal Web Proxy.  Russ likes the idea, but:

    Later… Urgh! It’s GPLed! Bleh!

    You’ve got to have a good sense of software license humor when you’re in the software/open-source biz.