Open Source in the Java Application Server Market





Analysts say it’s difficult to measure the extent to which open-source Java application servers, such as Tomcat and JBoss, have eaten into the revenue of commercial providers of Java application servers. But the growing popularity of the open-source application servers is undeniable.


Last year also saw freely available open-source application servers such as Tomcat and JBoss increasingly make their mark. While Tomcat is appropriate for less complex applications that serve up Web pages to PCs, JBoss is attracting increasing attention because of its completeness and compatibility with the J2EE specification.

I’m always glad to see stories like this.  The only downside to JBoss is that any documentation more than a plaintext README or INSTALL seems to be only available in book form.  I know that JBoss Group needs to make money, but I’d like to have enough docs available to me in order to evaluate the product.  Then if I’m running an app on JBoss, I can grab the book to find out how to do stuff.