Day: February 8, 2003

  • New Nikon Digital Camera

    Steve’s Digicams:

    The secret is already out. Several forums and web sites have posted the URL where you can see the last Coolpix SQ shockwave teaser. We can’t tell you anymore at this time, Nikon has us under NDA. All will be told (and seen) in a little over a week — we’ll also be posting a First Look of this radically styled digicam.

    A special thanks goes out to my friend Tony who pointed me to the link (on the phone no less!)

  • Eclipse 2.1 M5 Released!

    Dave Johnson:

    Joey Gibson explains how easy it is to upgrade from 2.1 M4 and points out the new and noteworthy features list. Don Park says “Eclipse will become the second most popular IDE behind Microsoft’s Visual Studio.” I said something similar a couple of months ago.

  • Sam Ruby Fights Spam

    Thankfully Sam Ruby is filtering spam out of his comments.  I subscribe to his comments feed but was getting ready to unsubscribe after having to scroll past several spam messages while skimming my news aggregator.

    I get enough spam in my inbox.

    Sam is also tackling trackback spam on his weblog by verifying that there is indeed a link to his site.  He is also looking at upgrading the backend to intertwingly:

    However, that part will have to wait as I’m in the midst of evaluating a wholesale upgrade of the software running my weblog, and in the process evaluating Blosxom 1.2, Blojsom, PyBlosxom, and Vellum.