I’m unplugging for a bit.  This Google News query will give you the most up to date (most recent news at the top).  It looks like Google News passed its first major disaster, it was extremely helpful today.

I blogged my first entry today at school.  It was eerie.  I was in class, learning about Java, JSPs, Servlets, RMI, and all kinds of stuff like that while I was reporting the news.  I don’t think anyone else surfed over to a news site.  Nobody seemed to acknowledge what had happened after class.  I just left quickly and quietly.

The only reason that I knew something was up was because of RSS and my aggregator.

The rest of the news entries today were done while at work.  I only caught some TV coverage, but felt pretty informed.

Today is grouped together with a few days in my life that I can remember exactly where I was when something major happened: Challenger, Desert Storm, 9/11, and this.  I’m sure there are others, but these are the ones that come to mind.

This is one of those days that is like JFK’s assasination for my generation.

We won’t know exactly what happened for quite some time.  We may never know completely.