JSPWiki: Wow! What About Roller Integration?



Wow, thanks for pointing out JSPWiki, Greg.  I love the wiki idea, but it suffers from *nuke syndrome, every wiki (more or less) looks the same.  I really like the sidebar design on the JSPWiki site and CocoonWiki.  I think I’m stuck with MoinMoin (which I still thinks rocks, btw) or the equivalent on the server side, though I think I’ll set up a JSPWiki for behind the firewall.

How easy would it be to integrate something like JSPWiki with Roller?  I really like the integration that Mr. Orchard has accomplished over at 0xDECAFBAD.  I’m not personally a Roller user (tho I’ve played with it and love it), but given the JSP connection, I think it might not be too impossible