Columbia Update



NASA Flag at half staffBrian Graf:

This is tough to take. Challenger was my generation’s JFK. I had not watched a launch since until this most recent one. I had an awful feeling that something was going to go wrong so I tuned in. I was relieved when it went up without incident. Now this happens. I’m overwhelmed with sadness.

ABC News:

NASA didn’t immediately declare the crew dead; however, the U.S. flag next to its countdown clock was lowered to half-staff.


President Bush is returning to the White House after briefings on the apparent in-flight breakup of the space shuttle Columbia.


Family members of the shuttle crew, which included the first even Israeli astronaut, were gathered on the landing strip to greet their loved ones when news of the mishap emerged. NASA officials quickly huddled the relatives into a shuttle and kept them in seclusion at the Kennedy Space Center.